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Dictionary Definition: “having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic”

Practical Missionary Definition: Last night I was sitting in Temple Baptist Church waiting for it to be time to start our evening Bible Study. As I sat there, I looked out of the open doorway to what appeared to be an endless sea of palm trees, homes and people. The word that came to my mind in that moment was in fact “surreal.”

In a few brief seconds, my mind took a walk down memory lane to a time 5 years ago when my girlfriend Jackie and myself, along with eleven other individuals, took our first trip to Liberia. I knew before we came that God had called me here, and the trip we took only cemented my resolve. In the year following, I was able to make two more trips to Liberia before marrying my sweetheart nearly 4 years ago.

Within twelve months of getting married, we found out we were going to be blessed with our first child, started deputation on a part-time basis, and welcomed Amelia into this world.

In the next two years, we travelled across much of Canada and into the United States and Mexico on deputation; visiting approximately 125 churches to raise the prayer and financial support for moving to Liberia.

With our support raised, we packed our container and took care of all the details surrounding shipping it.

Then exactly four months and one day ago, we boarded a plane in Winnipeg, Manitoba on a trip that would end in Liberia. Four months ago today, we arrived in Liberia to begin our new life as full-time overseas missionaries. Talk about “surreal.”

Author: Benjamin Reimer

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