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Safe arrival

After many hours of travel, we finally arrived in Liberia on Sunday, July 24th at 6:37 PM local time! We made it through immigration without any issues and picked up our luggage. All 10 pieces of checked luggage made it to Monrovia safely. Praise the Lord!

We spent the night at a guest house in Monrovia last night and will be staying here for a week. The nerves, excitement and fatigue caught up with us as Amelia had an upset stomach last night, so none of us got a lot of rest. Please pray for continues rest and recuperation from travelling.

Tomorrow, July 26th, is Independence Day here in Liberia, so we don’t have a choice but to take a day off. However, I did need to register at the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalisation (BIN) for our Visa extension. We were able to do that today and get it extended for 60 days after which we are supposed to be able to apply for our Residency Permit! We also were able to get a SIM card for Jackie’s phone so she is able to communicate again. (I already had one from the last time I was here) Please be patient with our communication as we figure out a whole different system of cell service providers. Until we get it all figured out, we can still be reached by email.

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