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Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Sunday afternoon, I needed to change the oil and oil filter on my generator. After doing this, I tried starting it up and it shut off automatically right away. I re-tightened the bolts and tried again. It did the same thing. The oil alert lamp kept coming on indicating there was a problem with the oil pressure. I tightened the filter bolt and drain plug more and tried again. It stayed running this time, but after 20 minutes when I tried to turn our air conditioner on, it shut back off. I again tightened everything and started it up again. After 30 minutes of it running, I tried again to add a load to it and it shut off again. After several more attempts like this, it was nearing midnight and we had pitch blackness in the yard. We are living in a higher crime area and darkness makes us more susceptible to intruders. I begged and pleaded with the Lord to allow the generator to at least run the lights for night. I went back out and tightened everything once more, and then started it up. This time I decided not to add the extra load of air conditioner and fridge, but just run the lights. The generator kept running all the way until the morning when we got up. At 7 AM with light already dawning, I decided to try turning the air conditioner on and see if the generator would stay on. It continued running for another 2 hours until I turned it off for the day.

An hour later, I added fuel and wanted to see if it would still work. When I started it, it ran just long enough for me to walk back to the house and it shut down, with no load at all on it. I went back to it and drained the oil and pulled the filter back out. It was then that I realized that the new filter I had installed, had not come with a seal, and there was my source of problem with the oil pressure.

Now here is where God needs the glory. The generator ran all night with no seal on the oil filter, including two hours under heavy load in the morning. An hour later, it wouldn’t even run without a load for more than 30 seconds. The only explanation I have is that God kept it sealed for night so we could have the lights on outside while we slept, and then allowed me to realize the problem in the morning and fix it then. What an awesome God we serve!

Author: Benjamin Reimer


  1. Praise the Lord we have an awesome Heavenly Father we serve

  2. Praise God!

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