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Just five more days…

Just five more days…

We had our send-off service at our sending church yesterday, the 17th of July. I had the privilege of preaching the message and then had the pastoral staff and deacons lay hands on me and had a prayer of dedication. That was followed by a couple of hours of fellowship interspersed with many, many goodbyes. We will be saying goodbye to our families and close friends on Thursday and Friday as well.

Jackie, Amelia, and Caitlyn have received their Liberian visa’s in the mail, so we are all set to go on that front! Praise the Lord that we didn’t have any issues getting our visa’s.

We have a busy few more days here in Winkler, and then we make the big move. Thank you for praying!


Author: Benjamin Reimer


  1. Good to hear everything is going well. Praise the Lord for arrival of visas. We will be praying for you at Haven Baptist Church of Saskatoon.
    Be strong in the Lord,

    • We appreciate the note of encouragement, as well as the prayers of Haven Baptist Church in Saskatoon.
      Lord bless,


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