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Inspection Date Confirmed!

Inspection Date Confirmed!

I have received confirmation that the company that is supposed to do our inspection has scheduled our inspection for June 13th, 2016! Please be in prayer that all would go well with that inspection and that we would be able to have it pass inspection so it could be shipped out shortly thereafter.


Author: Benjamin Reimer


  1. We are praying it all goes well. So glad we can keep up with your family in this way.

  2. May God’s presence be so evident in your lives that many will see Christ and come and seek Him and be found by Him. Lord, may the visa’s and shipment arrive speedily and safely at the addresses it needs to be at. May you keep the family healthy and focused on you and your guidance. Bless those who give and pray for this dear family. Thank you for what you are doing and going to do in and through this family! In Jesus’s precious name, amen!

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