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God knows best!

On Monday, we were preparing to move into our new temporary home, and trying to make sure everything worked. We hooked the gas up to the stove and turned on the elements to light them. They came on, so we turned on the gas to the oven portion of the stove and proceeded to try to light it. Being new at this, and having only short wooden matches to use, it took a few tries to get it to go. All the while, the gas was building up in the oven so when I touched the 3rd match to the oven, we had a minor explosion that caused some first degree burns to the back of my hand. Thankfully it wasn’t too serious, and we were able to go to a nearby hospital for treatment, as well as a prescription for continued healing of the wounds.

Now here is something I was thinking about the other day. When we had our shipment inspected, there was one tote that was opened up during the inspection that had stuff in it that I had mistakenly not added to my packing list. Because of this, we had to leave it out of the container. We felt that some of the things that were left out were important enough to pack into our suitcases for our flight over to Liberia. Among those items were boxes of bandages, a first aid kit, rubbing alcohol, and a box of gauze pads. All of these items we have used to treat my burned hand. A situation that a couple of months ago was not a cause of rejoicing, has now turned into one of praise to the Lord. He knows best!

Author: Benjamin Reimer

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  1. It seems the Lord knew it would be…wait for it…handy 😬
    Glad to hear it wasn’t worse. Miss you folks.

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