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Celebrating 2 Months in Liberia

Celebrating 2 Months in Liberia

September 24th, 2016


On this day two months ago, July 24th, our airplane touched down in Liberia. It has been an action packed and busy two months. Today as we celebrated, we were joined by a small guest.

Our family was sitting inside when I heard some commotion and saw the young man that lives on our property taking the one guard dog to be tied up. I was curious to see what was the reason for this. I went out onto our porch and saw the two men that we have hired to guard our property at night as well as the young man were armed with a machete, a spade, and a 4 pronged stick. When I asked what was going on, they said that there was a snake in the bushes just 15 feet from where I was on the porch. They poked and prodded the bushes to try to get the snake out so they could kill it, but that didn’t work. So they took the machete and cut down the bushes – revealing the snake which they promptly hacked to pieces. (Apparently they have the same hatred for snakes of any kind that I do)

It turns out the snake was just a baby and only about 2 feet long, but it was a baby black tree cobra which has very potent venom and can be 7-9 feet long when full grown. It is also known to be very temperamental and unlike most snakes, may strike completely unprovoked. I was very glad that they had killed it, especially after reading up on them afterward. It also makes me a little more wary of critters in my own yard.

Anyway, dangerous guests aside, we are very thankful that God has given us the opportunity to serve Him here in Liberia, and that He has guided and protected us in every step of the way. Thank you for the spiritual support you provide with your prayers, that enable us to continue serving the Lord where He has called us!

Author: Benjamin Reimer

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