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All in a day’s work

All in a day’s work

Today marks 4 weeks since we arrived in Liberia. Each Sunday for the past 4 weeks, I have been privileged to preach at Temple Baptist Church. Each week has brought new experiences and adventures. This week was no exception.

-A blessing in disguise- This morning, the car we are renting was having some serious issues with the clutch, and our driver was only able to use a couple of the gears. Because of this, he decided to take the car for repairs after he dropped us off at church. We carried on with the service in his absence, and had a great time worshipping the Lord. I was able to teach the adult Sunday School class as well as preach the morning service. After the service, I called the driver asking how the repair job was going. He said it would be a while, so we waited at the church. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as several other folks from the church stayed and waited with us, and we had an excellent chance to get to know them a little bit better. Amelia also was able to make a few new little friends.

-A scary encounter- It was taking longer than expected to fix the car, so our driver arranged for a Liberian taxi to pick us up and give us a ride back home. We loaded ourselves into the car and started down the side road that the church is located on. As we turned into the main highway, the taxi driver failed to see a motorcycle approaching quickly, and the motorcycle struck the front end of our car, sending the two riders flying into the middle of the highway. Thankfully, there was no oncoming traffic and both riders (not wearing any protective gear) got up off the highway with only minor injuries. Traffic accidents are not handled well here, so there was a lot of confusion and shouting which added to our distress. We were able to get another vehicle and driver to take us home from there, while the accident details got sorted out.

Praise God for His protection and care in every situation we find ourselves in. What a privilege to serve the King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Note: This was our first time in a Liberian taxi, and the accident occurred within 5 minutes of getting in it. Also, the driver I’m speaking of is also the owner of the vehicle we are renting while we wait for our container to arrive with our own vehicle.


Author: Benjamin Reimer

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