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Benjamin – June 12

Jackie – July 3

Amelia – December 24, 2013

Caitlyn – November 20, 2015


January 5, 2013


Benjamin’s Testimony

I was raised in a Christian home. Our family faithfully attended church for most of my childhood. Though I was religious, I couldn’t remember there ever being a time when I had accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. I tried to convince myself and others that I was saved but had no assurance of that. I enrolled at Canadian Baptist Bible College and began studies there. After a Wednesday evening service in 2010, having wrestled with the matter for many years, I settled it for once and for all and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour!

Jackie’s Testimony

I had the privilege of being raised in a Christian home. Our family began attending Pembina Valley Baptist Church when I was very young, and I grew up serving in the church and being involved in many of the different ministries. I made a profession of faith at age 11, but in the summer of 2010, God began working in my heart about my need for salvation. After a college chapel service preached by Dr. Benny Beckum in November of 2010, I put my trust in Christ as my Saviour and gave my life to whatever the Lord wanted me to do.