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A Wide Open Door

This morning I was doing some reading, and through the prompting of the Holy Spirit and also through what I was reading, I was impressed that I needed to maybe put down the book and put into practice what I was reading. I spent some time in prayer and felt that God was directing me to go and visit the community that our family will be living in once our home has been built.

As I was preparing to go, I mentioned to Jackie that I really felt like we should be using our John/Romans as an outreach into some of the Liberian schools, by giving them out to each student and then preaching a salvation message to the students entirely out of those two Bible books. That way I could just tell them which page to turn to, instead of having them try to locate the references as I preach.

On my way to the community, I asked the Lord for guidance to lead me to the people I was supposed to speak to, and also that souls might be saved as a result of it. When I arrived, I looked for a place to park my vehicle off the road and in the shade, and ended up parking across the road from a public school. As I put my vehicle into park, I spotted two older gentlemen sitting under a tree that were just talking there, and I felt led to go and speak to them. I walked over to them and they invited me to sit and join them. I introduced myself and they introduced themselves as well. Both of the men were actually teachers in the public school, and were having a rest while the students were on recess. After chatting with them on a variety of topics, the conversation opened up to allow me to share my salvation testimony with them. As I finished, they asked me if I would like to share that with the students in the school. I said, “if the principal is ok with it, I would love to do that!”

I was led to the principal’s office and spoke to him. He gladly gave me opportunity to share my testimony with some of the students. He showed me to a class of 40-50 teenagers and gave me as much time as I wanted. I freely shared my testimony with these students and then turned around and got them to make it personal for themselves. If they were in need of salvation, I encouraged them to come and speak to me afterward, so I could deal with them individually regarding the state of their souls. I also left a Gospel tract with each one of them.

When I was finished, it was now their recess time and we all left at the same time. I decided to go and sit by my truck so that if any of them were interested in talking more, they could come and ask. While I was sitting there, a crowd of younger students gathered to say “hi” and smile and stare at the “white man.” (Also known as the “Chinese Man” for some reason) I had next to me a box of John/Romans and debated internally as to whether I should distribute them there. After much internal deliberation, I decided to start handing some out. Before I got a couple of handfuls handed out, I realized that this was getting out of hand very quickly. My truck was rocking as this growing swarm of children pushed against it and me for one of these books. I quickly decided to let the principal and teachers distribute these in a more orderly fashion.

The case of John/Romans was carried to the principal’s office and I explained the situation and asked how many students were in this particular school. To my shock, he informed me that this school had over 1,700 students. I told him I would bring enough John/Romans tomorrow to allow each student to have one. As I was leaving, two men approached me and asked what I had been handing out. Introductions were made, and I explained that it was two books from the New Testament. The one man, the school’s registrar, seemed concerned that I was spreading “Baptist” doctrine, to which I assured him that it was only two books of the Bible, and no denominational doctrine at all. He then countered by reminding me that this was a public school and not a Christian school, and as such had Muslims as well as other religions represented. I told him that I understood his concern, but no student would be compelled to accept or read what was going to be handed out.

He nodded his head and then offered one last concern. His concern was that many of these students could read very little, or couldn’t read at all, so it was not profitable to give them these books like this. He suggested that I come back to teach these students what was written inside these books, so that they could receive some “moral instruction” and be able to understand it even if they couldn’t read. Hallelujah! I said I would gladly do that, and he invited me back tomorrow to discuss how this might be arranged.

Please pray for this open door to remain open, and that many students would be saved and influenced for the cause of Christ!


January 20, 2017

Update: I went back to the school today and spoke to the principal. He agreed with the registrars suggestion that I should come back to teach the contents of the John/Romans. He said that this coming week was exams, so maybe the following week would be a good week to start. Please continue to pray!

Author: Benjamin Reimer


  1. What a tremendous story! Michael and Maureen have also found many schools to be open to sharing the Gospel. Praise the Lord. We will pray.

  2. I can imagine how exciting it was to see the Lord leading so specifically. Praise the Lord!

  3. What an oppurtunity!! Praise the LORD for the opened door. Will definitely be praying.

  4. I really love hearing about this, praying for you always.

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