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The Bible says in Acts 20:25 that Jesus stated that: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” This is indeed the truth. We felt this truth especially when we were on deputation and churches and individuals gave so sacrificially for us, and we just wished that we could give something as well.

But there is another facet to this truth that I have been made aware of lately. A person can only give that which they have already received. One can only give truth if they have received truth. I cannot give love until I have received love. That which I have received I can give.

This was made evident to me as I found myself so busy giving encouragement, instruction, and spiritual food that I had failed to ensure that I was also making time to receive encouragement, instruction and spiritual food from my heavenly Father. If not corrected, this leads to discouragement and spiritual weakness. I needed and still need to set time aside out of my busy schedule to make sure that I am receiving all that I need, so that I have to give to those that need. So let me encourage you too, to make time for your own growth, so that you will have an abundance from which to bless others.


Author: Benjamin Reimer

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