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A Holiday

We are celebrating Flag Day here in Liberia today, as well as the one month anniversary of our arrival to our new home.

It has been a wonderful month of new experiences, learning, growing, and walking with God. We have had the privilege of beginning relationships that should continue for many years to come. We have gotten some of our documentation, become involved in the ministry of Temple Baptist Church, begun settling into our residence, and also begun the paperwork process of importing our container that is due to arrive here in Liberia on August 28th.

As we look back at the past month, we are excited about what is in store in the months to come!

Thank you for those who have supported us prayerfully, financially, as well as by lending a word of encouragement from time to time. Your investment is not taken for granted, and we cannot imagine being where we are today without you!

Author: Benjamin Reimer

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  1. I am praising God with you for his care & leading during your first month. We can trust him on the basis of what he has been to us. Mostly we trust Him because He is faithful in every area of our lives.
    You are in our prayers. Love you

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